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Keith Hill

Bliss, very good idea. Where do you get your magnets?

Bridget McGee

I like the magnet and agree with the weight issue. Don't you need to have your NMLS# in all advertising?

Bliss Saywer

Keith - I am working on a special deal that I can pass along to on the blog.

Bridget - THANK YOU! Can't believe I forgot that... but I haven't ordered them yet. Whew!


I like your placement of the HUD logo. That is always a detail that is in an awkward place.


Hunt Stover

Looks like a great idea! Where did you get the magnets?

JoAnn Moore

I like the white on black and the shape. I look forward to your post about where you are ordering them from.

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  • Cathy Schlegel
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website and how I get lost in all the fun blogging and interesting articles. When people do a good job, as you do, I think it’s important to tell them. Thanks for encouraging me in these trying times.
  • Charles G. Hauser
    Hauser Financial
    Your marketing blog, titled Great Example, featuring Sandra Scott was great. I found it very educational and inspirational, in fact so inspirational that I printed it out and hung it by my computer so I can read it every morning. Thank You very much for all your hard work and time you put into helping us become better Mortgage Planners.
  • The 3 R's of Blogging and it's all right here -- Readable, Relevant, and Results. Thanks for the great tips, Bliss!

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