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Jed Wunderli

I didn't know that 1) you are into cycling and 2) you live in the Salt Lake area. I graduated from the U of U and I do ride religiously. I've ridden just shy of 15,000 miles since Dec. 2, 2009 (2 years, 1.5 months). I rode to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon last July when I was up there with my son for the Utah basketball camp. You can do it. Stick with it. Can't wait to hear the results. Once you've done that, sign up for the Desperado Dual century ride in Panguitch in August.

Bliss Saywer

dang Jed.... 15,000 miles. I think I'll go eat a chocolate chip cookie to make myself feel better.

Michele Linehan

Wow, Jed, that is awesome. You go Bliss....you can DO IT!!!!!

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  • Cathy Schlegel
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website and how I get lost in all the fun blogging and interesting articles. When people do a good job, as you do, I think it’s important to tell them. Thanks for encouraging me in these trying times.
  • Charles G. Hauser
    Hauser Financial
    Your marketing blog, titled Great Example, featuring Sandra Scott was great. I found it very educational and inspirational, in fact so inspirational that I printed it out and hung it by my computer so I can read it every morning. Thank You very much for all your hard work and time you put into helping us become better Mortgage Planners.
  • The 3 R's of Blogging and it's all right here -- Readable, Relevant, and Results. Thanks for the great tips, Bliss!

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